Windows 7 update errors resolved

Here’s how I fixed a friend’s computer that stubbornly refused to install some Windows updates, including the upgrade to Windows 10.

The computer was riddled with viruses/malware, which corrupted drivers, files and registry entries. AVG Free antivirus and Malwarebytes helped disinfect the computer, but the damage remained.DjMSROG

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t force Windows updates to install. I received error codes including 80070002. I tried methods such as running sfc /scannow for the command prompt and installing the Windows Update Readiness Tool. No luck.

The problem — at least with upgrading to Windows 10 — turned out to be corrupt drivers. (I never was successful in finding a way to install smaller Windows updates. Only moving to Windows 10 resolved the issue.)

The solution was to install a program called Driver Talent, which scanned the computer for damaged and outdated drivers. After identifying two corrupt drivers, the program allowed me to download clean and updated drivers.

Driver Talent charges money to automatically install the drivers, so I installed them manually:

  • Locate the location where Driver Talent downloaded the driver in .7z format.
  • Extract the contents of the file using a program like WinZip.
  • Go to Device Manager, find the system device with the bad driver, select Properties and then Update Driver, and then browse to the folder where the new driver was unzipped.

After doing so, I was able install Windows 10 by downloading the Media Creation Tool and putting the Windows setup files on a clean USB drive. Then I ran Setup from the USB drive, chose NOT to download updates, and the process worked!

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