Root Samsung Epic 4G

Trying to use One-click root on my Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint caused me a bunch of headaches and problems, so I’ve found my own solution using files originally designed for the Android Fascinate on Verizon.

My solution mixes One-click root and Fascinate Root_v02 rooting procedures.

Here are instructions for this method, which worked for me.

1) Download and install Epic 4G drivers.

2) Download the files for One-click root either here or here.

3) Extract the files for One-click root to a folder on your hard drive, but don’t install anything and don’t click on adb.exe.

4) Download Fascinate Root files and extract them to a folder on your hard drive called C:\FascinateRoot_v02

5) Go back to the folder you created for One-click root, find the file called “busybox,” and copy and paste it into C:\FascinateRoot_v02. This will overwrite Fascinate Root’s default “busybox” file, which didn’t work on my phone.

6) Follow the detailed instructions in post 4 of the Tools and Quick links thread for the Verizon Fascinate.

After completing these steps, your phone should be rooted!

Disclaimer: Most phone companies won’t repair or honor the warranty of a rooted phone, so take these steps at your own risk. If you do need work on your phone to be done by your cell phone provider, be sure to unroot your phone first.

Once rooted, you can do all kinds of fun things, like getting free wifi tethering.

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