Make AT&T Uverse i38HG access point behave

i38HGWhen AT&T hooks up residential Uverse Internet, it sometimes puts the actual router in a box outside the house, and the box inside the house is just an access point. This can prove problematic to customers who want to install their own routers for purposes such as setting up Unblock-Us.

Because the AT&T Uverse 2Wire i38HG access point and its i3812v router provide only limited settings options at their address, a third-party router may be required. Unlike other home Internet configurations that allow customers to plug their wall cable directly into a router, the AT&T router’s outside-the-home location makes it difficult for customers to use their own routers to manage Internet traffic.

This post will explain how to make the i38HG access point and i3812v router behave more like they’re in bridged mode.

The best way to do so is to follow the instructions found here:

1. Set your router’s WAN interface to get an IP address via DHCP.  This is required at first so that the 2Wire recognizes your router. (On my router, it was configured to get IP addresses via DHCP by default, so I didn’t have to change any settings.)

2. Plug your router’s WAN interface to one of the 2Wire’s LAN interfaces. (The WAN interface is the one that’s labeled “Internet” on some routers.)

3. Restart your router, let it get an IP address via DHCP.

4. Log into the 2Wire router’s interface (by visiting in your browser).  Go to Settings -> Firewall -> Applications, Pinholes, and DMZ

5. Select your router under section (1). (Select your router by finding its MAC address. On a Linksys router, find your MAC address by navigating to in a new browser window, clicking on “Setup” and then “MAC Address Clone.” A MAC address may also be found by looking at the label on the bottom of the router.)

6. Click the DMZPlus button under section (2).

7. Click the Save button.

8. Restart your router, when it gets an address via DHCP again, it will be the public outside IP address.  At this point, you can leave your router in DHCP mode (make sure the firewall on your router allows the DHCP renewal packets, which will occur every 10 minutes), or you can change your router’s IP address assignment on the WAN interface to static, and use the same settings it received via DHCP.

9. On the 2Wire router, go to Settings -> Firewall -> Advanced Configuration

10. Uncheck the following: Stealth Mode, Block Ping, Strict UDP Session Control.

11. Check everything under Outbound Protocol Control except NetBIOS.

12. Uncheck NetBIOS under Inbound Protocol Control.

13. Uncheck all the Attack Detection checkboxes (7 of them).

14. Click Save.

That should do it. Your router will now handle your Internet traffic and settings after it passes through your AT&T equipment largely uninterrupted. For wireless access, connect to your new router instead of the 2Wire access point. I took the extra step of turning off wireless in the 2Wire’s settings, but I’m not sure whether that’s necessary.

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