iPad and Splashtop Remote disconnect issue

Splashtop is a fantastic program that allows you access to your desktop computer interface through your iPad screen. Through this program, I have access to all my Windows programs through my iPad.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t maintain a connection through my WRT160N router. The problem was with signal interference from multiple access points and routers in my condo complex. The problem was not caused by my antivirus program or firewall.

I corrected the problem in my WRT160N settings by following instructions found here: Linksys WRT160N router and Intel 4965AGN WLAN card N speed Fix

I also investigated changing my wifi channel, but that seemed to cause more harm than good. I left my channel as “auto” after trying to manually choose other channels. But if you do need to find the SSIDs and channels of your surrounding access points, I recommend Netstumber.

Another handy feature of Splashtop is remote access. Follow these instructions to do so: How do I connect to my home computer from outside of home?

Splashtop has added remote access through Gmail as an “experimental” feature. I haven’t tested it yet, so I can’t vouch for how well it works.

UPDATE: Remote access through Gmail seems to work better than previous methods. Now when I boot Spashtop, I wait for it to automatically find my desktop through Gmail, and then it usually connects without any problems.

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