Cloud comparison

I’ve been using three cloud services recently — Google Play, SugarSync and Dropbox. Here is a brief comparison of the three.

Google Play: This service is incredible for music storage and mobile device music streaming. Google Play allows you to upload up to 20,000 of your songs for free. With a conservative estimate of 3MB per song, Google Play is giving away somewhere in the neighborhood of 60GB worth of storage, which is pretty incredible. There’s a free Google Play app for Android devices, and for the iPhone, I use a neat app called Melodies that I downloaded for $0.99.

SugarSync: With 5GB of free storage and syncing of any file type, SugarSync is a great option both for backup storage and cloud access of frequently used files. I recently upgraded to SugarSync and dropped Dropbox.

Dropbox: The Dropbox cloud service is the easiest to use. It creates a folder on your PC/Mac desktop, and any file you put in that folder is automatically uploaded. You can also set upload folders more specifically in Dropbox’s preferences. The big downfall of Dropbox is that it only provides 2GB of free storage, which is a pretty strict limitation as personal data needs grow.

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